Hunting Kishu Litter

 I'll have a litter of Baron great-grand children born between the 15th and 17th of October. X-ray says 5 or 6 pups. Both parents are working boar dogs, bred for temperament and working ability. Both parents are out of Kishu lines, but are not pedigreed. 

Sire is this white male, great temperament, fine with all people, and okay with other dogs as well. Can range a bit far when on scent, but can be hunted solo. Not a dedicated catch dog, but is a gritty bay dog. Weight 20kg

Dam is a yushoku Kishu, Karen's daughter (so Baron's granddaughter). She is more of a bay dog, close ranging. Will avoid strangers, like Karen does. My line of Kishu is very quiet at home. Baron never barked, and neither does Karen. Miya follows in this tradition of quiet at home, loud on boar.

All the pups from this litter have been reserved.