Tuesday, February 24, 2015

This One

For all my lack of love for the modern Akita, this one's a beauty.

Don't Invite Disaster

From this blog that I read on occasion http://retrieverman.net/2015/02/23/dont-invite-disaster/

“Though men in the mass forget the origins of their need, they still bring wolfhounds into city apartments, where dog and man both sit brooding in wistful discomfort.

The magic that gleams an instant between Argos and Odysseus is both the recognition of diversity and the need for affection across the illusions of form. It is nature’s cry to homeless, far-wandering, insatiable man: “Do not forget your brethren, nor the green wood from which you sprang. To do so is to invite disaster.”

–Loren Eisley, The Unexpected Universe.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Suzuharuhime and Azusa

So these are the two Shikoku females that I'm looking for homes for. I've been really busy and haven't had time to get any pictures of them. I snapped a few in the the 5 minutes I had between downpours yesterday.
Here's their pedigree http://www.shikoku-pedigree.com/details.php?id=64049

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Friday, February 20, 2015

Kuma the Hokkaido

Someone asked for a Hokkaido pup, and there was a nice male looking for a home. This is Kuma.

YouTube Video

He's a beautiful pup, and seems to have a very good temperament too. I had forgotten what it's like to have a Hokka pup around... There is no off switch on this guy!!! He's got energy 24/7 and a good set of lungs too.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Choushun Line

Was reading one of my old books over lunch and taking a look at pictures of dogs out of the famous Choushun (Hongawa) line. That's a direct son there on the left. The female on the right is out of Goma, another famous founding stud.


Thanks to the interwebs, I stumbled across this. If you are of a squeamish nature, don't click on the video. I found it shocking but educational.

Cordylobia anthropophaga, the mango fly, tumbu fly, tumba fly, putzi fly or skin maggot fly is a species of blow-fly common in East and Central Africa. It is a parasite of large mammals (including humans) during its larval stage.[1] C. anthropophaga has been endemic in the subtropics of Africa for more than 135 years and is a common cause of myiasis in humans in the region.[2]
Its specific epithet anthropophaga derives from the Greek word anthropophagos, "human eater".
"The mode of infection by the Cayor Worm. Doctors Rodhain and Bequaert conclude, from their observations in the Congo Free State, that Cordylobia anthropophaga (Grunberg) lays its eggs on the ground. The larvae, known generally as Cayor Worms, crawl over the soil until they come in contact with man or a mammal, penetrate the skin and lie in the subcutaneous tissue, causing the formation of tumors. On reaching full growth, the larvae leave the host, fall to the ground, bury themselves and then pupate. This fly is said to be the most common cause of human or animal myiasis in tropical Africa, from Senegal to Natal. In the region of Lower Katanga where these investigations were made, dogs appeared to be the principal hosts, although Cordylobia larvae were found also in guinea-pigs, a monkey and two humans. The larvae are always localized on those parts of the hosts which come in immediate contact with the soil." (Ann. Soc. Entom. de Belgique, Iv, pp. 192–197, 1911) summary translation in Entomological News. 1911 Vol. xxii:467.

Damn I'm happy we don't have these guys here in Japan.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

More Shikoku Puppies

These pups are out of Kuromasa x Meme. From left to right, male, female, female.

This is Kuromasa.

I really like this male. While he's got his faults, when you see him in person he really has a Shikokuness to him. I think he really captures part of the breed that is becoming rarer today, that aura.

The mother is Meme, from the same breeding as my Chacha, and from the same pairing as Kotofusa.
Meme took first in class at the Nippo national in the wakainu class and now last year in the Soken class.

Needless to say, these pups aren't going anywhere. Kuromasa was sent to us as a favor by his owner and a group of Shikoku breeders in Shikoku. We will be returning him soon, and hopefully we'll be able to mate him to a few more females while he's here.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


A Kanshoukai is not a show, but more of a casual dog exhibition/study group. In NIPPO it usually means you'll have a few judges there in an informal setting, with a lot of kennels bringing dogs for informal evaluation.

We had one of these today in Kanagawa, and I took Goji and Akane with me. They did well in the strange setting with all the other dogs. Shikoku were in the majority, and it was beautiful weather and terrific to be able to see all my friends.

There were a lot of young dogs there, and even a litter of 30 day old pups.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

2 Available Shikoku Females

So here are Azu and Suzu, 2 Shikoku pups that are at my house now while I decide where to send them.

Friday, February 13, 2015


Kataki means revenge in Japanese. I've heard it used a lot by hunters talking about going after boar that have hurt or killed their dogs. I guess it's a natural emotion to want some payback. Recently I've started to feel a little differently about this aspect of boar hunting.

I guess it does seem fair to go after someone who has wronged you, but when we're hunting boar, we're the ones trying to kill them. If a dog gets injured or dies in the process, that's pretty much what we were aiming to do to the boar, so it seems hypocritical to be taking an emotional stand like that against a wild animal that's just trying to stay alive.

I just had this conversation with a hunter friend of mine last week, but it strikes home now because Baron was cut yesterday. More than revenge, I was annoyed at myself for letting this boar get away, which led to Baron getting injured. The boar won the fight yesterday and seemed pretty confident and predictable. I guessed him at 45kg, but it turns out he was 50.

A pictures worth a thousand words, and it was a good experience for Goji and Akane.

Cut Again

Baron's cut again. Same place, a little worse. I've got a vest for him, but it won't help for the way he's getting cut.

After he put in a LONG chase on one boar (1km), we moved to the other side of the valley to hunt the last couple hours of sunlight.

The boar was where I thought it would be, Baron went straight in, boat straight downhill and away. I moved forward on the ridge. If it didn't cross the road, it would double up onto the ridge and right to me. I had my answer a minute later when I heard something coming toward me.

It was a boar, probably 45kg, and he stopped around 30m away. No backstop for the shot since he was on the ridge, so I waited. He started moving again, and I had to take a strangely angled shot to make sure I had backstop, and it missed. 2 subsequent shots as he careened by on my left missed as well.

Baron came up seconds later and kept tracking it. I moved back on the ridge the direction we had come from since I saw the boar's tracks from the night before, and figured he would backtrack to escape. Sure enough, just as I was getting to the spot, he was pulling up there too, but all I saw was his shadow moving along the game trail through brush since I was seconds late.

Baron showed up a few seconds later, and moved into the low palms on the opposite side of the ridge. Boar moved out with Baron in tow. I ran all the way to the last spot I thought the boar would run to to get out of the mountain, and sure enough they were headed right toward me.

Unfortunately Baon peeled away and backtracked, and I wasn't sure what to make of that. He wheeled back around, and I decided to head downhill into the gulley where I figured it would all end. Halfway down Baron started a really good bay, and I ran to help. He was up on the high ground on the other side of the gulley around 280m away. I closed to 150m before it was over, and they were moving again.

Baron came back around, and it was the last minutes before sunset so I called him off and we headed to the car. He was walking/running fine, and loaded up into the front seat as usual. When we got home and he moved to get out of the car, I noticed a little blood on the seat. I hoped it was just a scratch somewhere, but no. Baron's been tagged in the exact same place as last time.

It hurts a lot more this time. It's the next morning and he's moving very gingerly. Just trying to keep the antibiotics up and keep him comfortable. Vet and I have decided not to stitch just yet, since he will just take them out anyway, and we're going to let it drain a bit first.

Now I know that Baron getting cut last time was not a fluke. I'm having to reconsider how we hunt and hunting with Baron in general. I definitely don't want to lose this guy. I grabbed a pack of cigarettes last night and a couple of beers and sat down with Baron and had a good thought about it. I was a bit depressed but we'll think about this some more and figure it out.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Gopro Dog Harness

So I bought one of those new harnesses for Baron thinking it would be cool to get some dog's eye view footage of hunting.
Unfortunately this thing needs a redesign. For a dog running around in the yard it might work, but not for one in the mountains of Japan. I'll fiddle with it some time, but yesterday it lasted all of two minutes.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My Sofa Has Been Commandeered

It's an awesome sofa, great for chilling by the fire and ruminating on life, but it's always occupied by someone else who's probably doing the same thing.


Monday, February 9, 2015

Shikoku in a Petstore

I was driving back from the airport yesterday and dropped into a hardware store (called a home center here in Japan). I was grabbing some absorbent pads in the pet section and glanced over at the puppies. There are often Shiba pups for sale, but this one looked different.

And there it is. The first Shikoku pup I've ever seen in a pet store, being sold for 248,000 JPY.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Busy, Busy, BUSY!!!

No time for blogging. But as I type that I realize I just haven't made time. I do things when I feel inspired to, and that includes my blogging. Inbetween trying to get as much hunting in as possible, and loads of work, I'm stretched pretty thin at the moment. Top that off with the fact that tons (literally) of people are exporting dogs at the moment and trying to get me to help with airport trips and paperwork...

The dogs keep me busy too. It was a clammy, cold, wet morning, but the dogs were well behaved as I got their breakfast ready.