Thursday, February 28, 2019

NIPPO Member's Magazine No.1 2019

Just received member's magazine number 1. for 2019 from NIPPO. This is the issue with the pictures of all winners at the previous year's Grand National.
The judge's opinion is also in the magazine (we get this for the regional shows as well). Here's Bunta Go, Nidai Iwahori Sou, bred by my mentor, owned/handled by yours truly. He received a Souken Award (he was 2nd place in class). 
Masa placed 2nd in the Wakainu 2 class in 2016 for a Wakainu Award, and then 2nd again in 2017 for a Souken Award. With Bunta placing in 2018, that's three years in a row of placing at the Grand National. Doesn't mean that much to me since I'm not that into shows, but it is fun. A female I bred placed at the Grand National a few years back, and I have to say I was very proud of that. When a pup from a long planned breeding, born at your house and placed with someone as the best of the litter ends up doing well, it's very rewarding.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Importing Dogs to Japan

Every now and again someone asks me how to bring their dog into Japan. Here's the process...

First steps for bringing a dog into Japan:
1.Microchip (ISO)
2.Rabies vaccination #1
3.Within the valid vaccination of rabies vaccination #1, but at least 30 days afterward, rabies vaccination #2
4.Rabies anti-body test at a 'listed' laboratory
5.If the necessary anti-body threshold is cleared, the dog can enter Japan 180 days after the blood sample was taken.
6.File an import application with Animal Quarantine Japan at least 40days before the dog's arrival in Japan 

Here is a link to the official information

So hopefully I'll see some of you with your dogs here in Japan for the NIPPO Grand National???
Don't bother sending me chocolate for Valentine's Day, just come to the Grand National.

Good friend and handling mentor with his male 'Kiku' at the last national, taking first place in the Wakainu 1 male class.