Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Here's my Shikoku, Rome. He was produced by Nidai Iwahori Sou. He's your typical 1 year old male, fun loving, a bit rude, but a gorgeous, friendly dog.

Monday, October 17, 2011

NIPPO Chiba Regional

Yesterday was the NIPPO Chiba Regional. The weather's been cooling into comfortable autumn temperatures recently, but yesterday was a scorcher, climbing to around 30 degrees centigrade. It was a beautiful day, even if it was a bit more taxing for the dogs under the sun.

I didn't take many pictures again, but I did snap one of the littermate of a male Shikoku who went to Yamabushi Kennel in New Mexico. This is Kaiju's brother, and he took 1st place in his class. The NIPPO breeder who helped to arrange for Kaiju to go to Yamabushi says that looking at recent pics, Kaiju has better conformation and is still by far, his pick out of the two brothers.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Went to the NIPPO Tokyo regional today, and took no pictures. Sorry. It's just not the same running around trying to take them with a mobile phone.

 I had a pretty good time though. The weather was great, it was good to see friends, and of course to take a look at all the up and coming dogs. The NIPPO national is just around the corner.

 There are tons of nice show line Shiba pups available at the moment, so I told everyone I'd mention it on my blog. There's even a sesame pup around.

There are several Shikoku litters on the way, and hopefully some of them will match up with what everyone's been asking me to look for. Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NIPPO 70th Anniversary Picture Book

This is another book I've got on the shelf. It was published to commemorate NIPPO's 70th anniversary, and has pictures of all the winners from the establishment of NIPPO onward. They've got loose pages added to the back of all the winners since the book was published.

It starts in black and white, but the last bit (and all the loose pages) is in color. The book is 90 pages and includes pictures of Shikoku, Kishu, Shiba, and Akita. It's really interesting to see the evolution of the breeds, type becoming more defined as the years go by, and of course it's great to have pictures of some of the amazing dogs of years past.

If anyone's interested in owning a copy, feel free to contact me at kato.the.walrus@gmail.com and I'll figure out how much the shipping etc will cost. Cost should come to around 3000 yen including international shipping.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Midnight Boredom

I've got the most boring translation project at the moment, and it has me up at 2am. A quick Facebook gander is in order. I seem to eat. A lot.


More Sushi



And when I get really hungry, my mobile

Miraculous how I never put on any weight.