Saturday, August 20, 2016


While I wasn't blogging, I turned 37. It was a pretty chill affair, spent the day in the surf with a good friend. This was over a month ago, and I've trimmed the beard as I do every now and again.
Just going to play catch up on the blog for a while since I'll be travelling again 48 hours from now.

RIP Frank

So I lost Frank a while back to a self inflicted accident. He used to sit up on the picket fence in front of the kennel all day, and one day he slipped up and got his head caught between two slats and when I came home he was already gone. He was loud, but damn if he wasn't the friendliest rooster I've ever met.

I think I've had enough roosters for now, so I picked up some hens. They're Nagoya Cochin, a breed good for eating and eggs, and it's fun to have another Japanese breed here (even if they're not dogs!). Going to have to think up some names for them.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Working Dogs

Ran into this on Tumblr, and it very clearly sums up how I feel about dogs.

Seen on

NIPPO Registration From the JKC

So I just learned something new today after talking to NIPPO HQ.

If a dog is Japan Kennel Club registered, and the parents and grandparents (all the dogs in the pedigree basically) are all NIPPO registered dogs, the dog can be NIPPO registered (full registration).

So if a dog born overseas was exported to Japan, and then registered with the JKC, it could then have its registration transferred to NIPPO, as long as it clears the above criteria.

This is what I was told anyway, but I'd have to give it a go once and see if they actually accept the application before I accept it as fact.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Available Black and Tan Shikoku Female

This black and tan Shikoku female is available at the moment. Her dam is sister to Riri (my pup that passed away a while back), and is a nice black sesame with a very calm temperament. She's Nidai Iwahori Sou (Teruhide x Sekihoume), and the sire is out of another kennel nearby with their own line of dogs, but it does have a bit of Kotofusa in there.

I haven't seen the pup yet, but have heard she's available for sale, so am trying to help out.