Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thank You

I want to say thank you to everyone who has contacted me via mail/blog and Facebook to make sure my family and I are okay.

Their were only 16 deaths from the quake here in Chiba prefecture, paling in comparison to the devastation up north. We are experiencing gas/food/power shortages, and of course the latest scare, nuclear reactor melt down.

As I type this my house is shaking from a strong after shock. I've gotten almost all my family, extended family, and good friends on the road south till things stabilize here.

If you are a praying person, please pray for us. Pray for the survivors up north, for the families who lost loved ones, for the brave workers still trying to control the reactors. Pray for Japan. If you're not a praying person, some good thoughts and vibes will be much appreciated.

I'll most likely be connected wherever I go, but in case I'm unable to post for a while, THANKS FOR FOLLOWING MY BLOG! WISH US LUCK!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Magazine Interview

Scans from the interview done on me in January's issue of Shi-Ba.




So, looks like I'll be moving, AGAIN. Everyone that's been following from my Tora Inu Blog probably is wondering what's going on since I just moved into this house last September, and built a kennel and everything.

Well this house is not exactly what I wanted, for myself and the dogs, and due to changes in my personal life I have the option to move. I'm pretty sure I'll be taking it as honestly I think the house is cursed (over statement I know). But seriously, I've had nothing but trouble since moving here, and the place is filled with unpleasant memories. Time for a change and a clean slate.

So, I'm busy with work now, plus juggling a move. This should be interesting. I guess this all will keep me busy till Fall when hunting season rolls around again.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Busy Busy

So, lots going on right now. Spring litters and breedings are all in motion, some pups are available already, and I'm busy trying to match up the right pups with new homes.

The Kai Ken Aigokai national will be held on the 3rd of April, Sunday, in Yamanashi as usual.

There are Kai litters on the ground, Shiba litters, Shikoku litters... I'm going to be all over the country over the next few weeks. And yeah, it's snowing today. I'm bundled up in the house thrashing at my keyboard, while fielding phone calls. It's a fun busy day.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The KKA Standard

This is a translation of the Kai Ken Aigokai standard. I tried to keep it as close to a direct translation as possible.

The Kai Dog Standard

Physical Proportions

Substance and Appearance:

Showing proper sexual dimorphism, and an unadorned unsophisticated air coupled with composed boldness. Movement light and nimble, the breed is agile and powerful with strong homing instinct and a propensity toward loyalty to one master for life.

The outer coat standing upright, undercoat thick, and animals should have a mane.

The breed is split into three coat colors, black brindle, medium brindle, and red brindle.

There are two body types, boar type, and deer type.

Height roughly 40-50 centimeters at withers.


Moderately thick, triangular in form, of good shape and angled forward, spacing between ears neither too wide apart or close together, lines clean and without looseness, and ears slightly larger than the other Japanese dog breeds.


More or less triangular in shape, the iris dark brown, which depending on coat color may show some shading.


Lips tight, with good pigmentation, teeth strong, proper bite.

Head & Neck:

Forehead wide falling to a moderate stop, neck having appropriate thickness and length, without looseness.

Back & Hips:

Line of the back straight, hips powerful and tight.


Tail thick and strong, either sickle tail or curl tail type, roughly reaching the hocks in length.


Robust with hocks especially well developed, firm while providing for excellent leaping ability and speed.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One Man, One Dog

There's a famous phrase about hunting with Nihon Ken in the old days.

一銃一狗(いちじゅういっく)ichijuu, ikku which means one gun, one dog.

It's the goal, albeit a lofty one, for hunting with the Japanese Dog. One man, his gun, and his dog. To be able to pull it off requires immense skill on the part of both hunter and dog, especially dog.

The dog may find and hold prey by baying (barking), or catching (biting and holding). This is referred to as hoedome (baying) and kamidome (catching).

Personally I prefer a less gritty dog over a dog that goes in to catch a boar right away. I feel you get less injuries this way, though that is not always the case. It all really boils down to the dog's skill and inherited hunting style.